Owner Surrender Form

This owner surrender application is designed to provide Ohio Fuzzy Pawz Shih Tzu Rescue (OFPSTR) with information to assist in placing the dog you want to release to the care of OFPSTR.  It will be used as a basis to provide information to potential adoptive families who are considering adopting this dog, to ensure that proper care of this dog is continued, and to protect OFPSTR and the person surrendering this dog.  OFPSTR protects the privacy of both the surrenderer and the adoptive family and will not provide this information to either party.  By submitting this form, the surrenderer attests that the information contained on this form is a complete and honest assessment of the dog named on this form.  The surrenderer also agrees to limit contact with the rescue group to no more than twice a month.  OFPSTR will provide an update, if requested by the surrenderer at the time of adoption.